The large orge sighs, “I have failed you, Lavatviak” and dies. As he lets go of his greatax the eye explodes, making and explosion (Reflex save half DC 12, 1d8). The adventurers go back to Arishk, and speak to the mayor, Greg.

Greg: “heeeeeeey! It’s good to see you guys! I heard that you killed Fra’k’ri’ishk. That deserves something” (gives adventurers 50gp each, and )

Greg: did you learn anything useful? It seemed like he was… too smart. He wasn’t normally so strategic in his use of orcs.

(Probably, the adventurers will tell Greg about Fra’k’ri’ishk slip of the name.)

Greg: I heard that name before… I was talking to the smithy in town, and he said something about that person… He seemed afraid

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